About Me

Bonjour, fashion lovers,

Such a pleasure to see you at LaIvaBella! I am Iva – a digital marketing and e-commerce professional, fashion and beauty addict, passionate traveler and a gym and dance freaque.

I live by the mantra that La Vie Est Belle (from French: life is beautiful) and I have dedicated my energy and mindset to unveiling beauty and splendor everywhere around me. Indeed, this is how LaIvaBella was born! The sole purpose of it is to inspire YOU for a better, simpler, and more beautiful lifestyle!

Here, we will talk about Fashion, Beauty, Traveling and Lifestyle. I will share with you some of the latest fashion trends, give you access to awesome findings and deals, and, of course, inspire you to travel to some must-see places and venues! Is there something else you wanna see here? Do not hesitate to drop me a line!

I look forward to your comments, suggestions and ideas!



P.S. You can also reach me directly on my Instagram! 🙂