Chanel 2017: Who said that sky is the limit?

Paris Fashion Week, Grand Palais, the Chanel Fall 2017 show… You enter and what you see is astonishing! A double-C branded rocket is standing in the middle and looks like it’s completely ready to take off on a journey to Space. You begin to wonder if you have possibly mistaken the place or has some magic happened and you got inside one of those sci-fi movies from the Era of Space exploration. But no, there is no mistake! You are exactly where you should be! … And the show is just about to begin!

You take your front-row seat and as you wait for the start of the extraordinary show, you realize one thing. “But of course, this is Karl Lagerfeld! He has conquered every possible place on Earth, only way for him is up to reach the stars!” And as you are thinking, the first model appears, wearing a space-inspired tweed coat and silver boots made for walking on the Moon. Another one comes out on the catwalk and you immediately fall inlove with the marvelous use of pure white, glittering fabrics, and space-themed prints in combination with the signature 60s mod hairstyles and accessories.

As soon as the last model has walked, a group gathers at the base of the rocket and it is time for a liftoff. 3, 2, 1… Blast off! Chanel has reached the stars. Whoever said that sky is the limit, Karl Lagerfeld has proven him fundamentally wrong!

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