For the Love of Gucci

Presenting... Gucci
Influential, innovative and progressive – the iconic Italian brand has totally reinvented its approach to fashion under the new vision of creative director Alessandro Michele. Throughout the decades, ever since its foundation in early 1921, Gucci has been a symbol of suprme quality and outstanding design. While controversy and eccentrism have always been in the heart of the brand, it has sustained its core values and became a legend with its most memorable pieces. The double G has been seen everywhere from bags to shoes, apparel and even watches.

After becoming an unprecedent leader in leather and fashion goods, Gucci has made a step to conquering new peaks – namely, it entered the beauty industry with series of signature fragrances and makeup.

Today, while the legacy of Gucci and the double G remain alieve, the brand is flourishing and expanding further, taking every opportunity to innovate, stand out and capture the generation Y. Attention to detail is the living soul of the brand, which becomes evident through the bright blossoming prints, animalistic and floral appliques and the signature red and green line accents.

Apparently, the Gucci world of masterpieces may turn out too huge to explore. Still, a good starting point are some of the classics that I have compilated to get you inspired.


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