If there was one single trend from 2017 that we all would love to keep forever, I am pretty sure this would be Dior’s long sheer dresses with the brand’s name on the straps. Indeed, these signature straps have become a sensation and have appeared on the red carpet so many times since Dior’s runway show. Celebrities love them…but so do we, ordinary people!

The beauty of this simple and chic strap detail is that it could be mixed and match with literally anything and could be worn even at unexpected places… Like Dubai for example! Many would reject the possibility of wearing a crop top in this city, but the truth is that, glam is king here! And you don’t need to be on the catwalk to rock the latest trends!

For a leisure weekend walk at the beautyful Madinat Jumeirah, I have chosen to go all black. My look –  Dior crop top, long voile skirt and a turban from personal archive. Get it HERE!

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