Sneak peek: Vogue Arabia Cover Revealed

The long wait is over! On 5 March Vogue will leave a mark in the history of fashion by launching its first-ever print edition for the Middle East and the Arabic world. Few days before the launch, the iconic magazine revealed its stylish black and white cover featuring Gigi Hadid. The choice of the model for a cover face is not a surprise for anyone, given the fact that Gigi is the ultimate IT girl of our time and is proud carrier of Arabic roots.

The launch of Vogue Arabia is a pioneering one on many levels: it is the first Vogue to break onto the market in digital prior to print, it is the Middle East’s first premium fashion publication in two languages, and the first Vogue to represent an entire region. The CEO & Publisher of Vogue Arabia, Shashi Menon, adds: “With Vogue Arabia, we’re making a bold bet on the future of marquee, high-gloss content in the region—across both print and digital. The unparalleled heritage and global footprint of the Vogue brand, combined with our distinct strategy of publishing more than 90% original content with dual language editorial, really make Vogue Arabia stand out.”

For delight of the fashion addicts around the world, the iconic issue will be available at key international locations (London, Paris, Milan) apart from the whole Middle East region. Don’t miss out the chance to get this piece of history!

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