Spring Knits

Say YES to the knit dress

Hooray for April! It’s now the perfect time for getting back to endless weekend walks, outdoor fun and leisure (and not so much) going-outs!

While for some lucky ones April means hot summer, some others, including myself, live in a climate where the first week of this month is still a transition period into what we call a true spring. And trust me, this causes serious daily dilemmas regarding what to wear. Should we take a jacket, or should we leave it home? Fancy pumps or ancle boots yet? Scarf or no? It’s not an easy choice because here, in Eastern Europe, you can never predict with exact accuracy what spring weather has in store for you.

To eliminate all chances of going wrong, I chose this wonderful white cable knit dress for the occassion of welcoming April. Leisure and chic, comfortable and warm enough to let you exclude extra jackets and cover-ups. I match it with vintage red pumps with mosaic heels and a red leather Saint Laurent tote bag.

Do you like this look? What would you match the dress with? I look forward to get your comments!

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