Where the Sun sets in Gold

Not a hotel, but a royal residence, open for the most passionate luxury connoisseurs… That’s what Emirates Palace is in its essence! Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, it’s a must-see for all visitors and tourists, who get the chance to admire its majestic and grand facade from outside. What’s behind the gates remains a secret for many though! Legends have been told about the gold-covered interior, lavish furniture and, of course, the gold sparkled cappuccino (which, as a matter of fact, you can savour now as an outside visitor at Le Café).

I, myself, as a recent tourist-only at the UAE, have fallen in love with the place at first glance from outside and I have only been fantasizing about what is it like to experience this magical place with all its splendor from the inside. So no surprise that a weekend at the Emirates Palace was among the first things I wanted to do after moving to Dubai permanently. And I did it!

Guess what? It is not that amazing as people say… It is far beyond it! My expectations have been well exceeded. From the garden and the pool to the grand halls, corridors and suites, the place is a one-of-a-kind magical experience that no words can describe! (That’s why I got pictures… stay tuned!)

For a full weekend, I felt like I’m living in Scheherazade‘s “1001 Nights”. Surrounded by gold furniture, real palm trees in the corridors, exquisite culinary delights, and a breath-taking sea view, I fell in true deep love with this dream-like escape and I can hardly wait to return to it very soon! 🙂

Want to see what’s on the inside? Stay tuned for more!

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