Resort Season: Chanel Goes Back in Time

The most exciting time of the fashion calendar is here. Voila! Resort season 2018, welcome! Hardly could anyone have given a better start to it than the mastermind behind Chanel – Karl Lagerfeld! After his latest trip to space, this time the Lord of Fashion is taking us back in time to Ancient Greece. Continue reading “Resort Season: Chanel Goes Back in Time”

For the Love of Chanel

Mademoiselle Coco
One of the endless source of inspiration for women around the world beyond doubt is Coco Chanel. Besides being the iconic face behind the brand that we all dream of today, she is also a strong role model for many women. Determined, charismatic, with impeccable style and outstanding passion for beauty, Coco has defined new dimensions of luxury and has innovated drastically female fashion.

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Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Eyes

We have already spoken about the absolutely stunning pieces of art by Giancarlo Petriglia, but this particular EYE-catching bag is a true inspiration! Mix and match with the so-hot-this-season pink, pastels, and a handful of bling-bling and there you are – ready to face the spring eye to eye!

Get inspired for a playful mix and match here:

Chanel 2017: Who said that sky is the limit?

Paris Fashion Week, Grand Palais, the Chanel Fall 2017 show… You enter and what you see is astonishing! A double-C branded rocket is standing in the middle and looks like it’s completely ready to take off on a journey to Space. You begin to wonder if you have possibly mistaken the place or has some magic happened and you got inside one of those sci-fi movies from the Era of Space exploration. But no, there is no mistake! You are exactly where you should be! … And the show is just about to begin! Continue reading “Chanel 2017: Who said that sky is the limit?”