If there was one single trend from 2017 that we all would love to keep forever, I am pretty sure this would be Dior’s long sheer dresses with the brand’s name on the straps. Indeed, these signature straps have become a sensation and have appeared on the red carpet so many times since Dior’s runway show. Celebrities love them…but so do we, ordinary people!

The beauty of this simple and chic strap detail is that it could be mixed and match with literally anything and could be worn even at unexpected places… Like Dubai for example! Many would reject the possibility of wearing a crop top in this city, but the truth is that, glam is king here! And you don’t need to be on the catwalk to rock the latest trends!

For a leisure weekend walk at the beautyful Madinat Jumeirah, I have chosen to go all black. My look –  Dior crop top, long voile skirt and a turban from personal archive. Get it HERE!

Take Me for a Walk

Take Me for a Walk
Take your beloved pet, friend or boyfriend and go out for a relaxing Sunday afternoon walk in the city. Add positive vibes to your day with an ultra light pink dress and a blossoming bright bag that will store all your precious belongings easily.
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Item of the Day: Eastern Influence

Politics left aside, but first look at this state-of-the-art fashion accessory and you can’t help but feel the strong Eastern influence and the wind of far Asia.

Distinctive shape, bamboo-resambling materials and eye-catching bright colors make this Cult Gaia bag a must-have item and an object of strong desire.

Apart from the dragon-inspired bright red, it is also available in 5 other marvelous colours to match your every outfit. An investment deffinitely worth making!

Discover it HERE.



Spring Blossom Essentials

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Romantic Dream
Spring season is officially here! Do you have what it takes for flawless blossoming looks?
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Must-have Item: Blossoming Sandals

Bright colors, flowers, embellishments - the best signs that spring is coming! If there are few thinks we CAN'T miss out to get this season, these definitely would be pink (in all shades), floral motives and feminine comfortable heels. Get them all in one amazing pair of bold sandals and add the wow effect to any outfit!