Top 10 Summer Essentials: Ready! Set! Beach!

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Voila, summer is here! Degrees go up, nights become hotter, our wardrobes undergoe drastic changes and we set our minds on adventure. We associate summer with fun, romance and dream-like escapes to distant (or not that much) beaches and exotic destinations. But the perfect vacation requires in-advance planning as well!
To face boldly the kisses of the sun (which can sometimes be stronger than we may have expected), make sure you have in your arsenal these Top 10 Summer Essentials for the Beach!
Enjoy shopping and vacation-ing!

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Lust for Flowers

Perfect Match

As the world outside is blossoming more and more, so is our desire to match the splendor of Mother Nature. To add the sensual flower power to every outfit in my wardrobe, I invest in a pair of fabulous blooming sandals in a mind-blowing fuchsia color. To match the pink-ish madness, I choose a stunning tassle clutch and voila… my beautiful flower look is complete!

Get the look:

Resort Season: Chanel Goes Back in Time

The most exciting time of the fashion calendar is here. Voila! Resort season 2018, welcome! Hardly could anyone have given a better start to it than the mastermind behind Chanel – Karl Lagerfeld! After his latest trip to space, this time the Lord of Fashion is taking us back in time to Ancient Greece. Continue reading “Resort Season: Chanel Goes Back in Time”

Spring Blossom Essentials

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Romantic Dream
Spring season is officially here! Do you have what it takes for flawless blossoming looks?
Get inspired here:




Color Trends: Mint Flavour

TealWhile mint has been staying away from the spotlight this season, it is still one very cool and stylish ways to add freshness and a sense of spring to your outfit. Mix and match with basic white or black. Add a touch of gold and there you go!
Discover more stunning outfit suggestions in the gallery below:



Must-have Item: Blossoming Sandals

Bright colors, flowers, embellishments - the best signs that spring is coming! If there are few thinks we CAN'T miss out to get this season, these definitely would be pink (in all shades), floral motives and feminine comfortable heels. Get them all in one amazing pair of bold sandals and add the wow effect to any outfit!